What is my baggage allowance on easyJet?

Get the details about Baggage allowance on EasyJet

Packing your bags is a crucial step when it comes to air travel, as there are various limitations on carrying baggage on a plane. EasyJet has a set of rules and regulations in regard to carrying baggage that have to be followed by the customers. If you are unaware of the easyjet baggage policy, it may be a cause of stress and hassle at the airport. Exceeding the size or weight limitation of the carry-on baggage may lead you to pay extra charges at the airport to check in your baggage. Check-in baggage limitations must be followed to have a smooth travel experience.

EasyJet baggage policy:

Small Cabin Baggage-

  • You can carry a small cabin bag with maximum dimensions of 45x36x20cm for free. The handles or wheels must be within the size limitation.
  • Small cabin bags may include a small stroller, handbag, rucksack, and laptop bag. These items have to fit within the dimensions given by the airline.
  • The bag must fit under the seat in front of you.
  • Your small cabin baggage must not weigh more than 15 kg. You have to be able to lift and carry the bag by yourself.

Large Cabin Baggage-

  • You can carry a large cabin bag only if you have booked an Up Front or Extra Legroom seat, or you may have to bear easyjet extra baggage fees for the extra luggage’s
  • The maximum size limit is 56x46x25 cm, including the handles and the wheels of the bag.
  • Large cabin bags can include items like a stroller and a large rucksack. 
  • The bag should fit in the overhead bin in the aircraft.
  • The weight of the bag should not exceed 15 kg, and you must be able to carry the bag by yourself.

Hold baggage-

  • The standard weight allowance of the hold baggage is 23 kg with a maximum limit of up to 32kg per bag.
  • The maximum size should be within 275cm.
  • Traveling with friends and family at EasyJet means you get to pool your baggage weight allowance, but no bag should weigh more than 32kg.

This information will be helpful if you want to know about the baggage allowance at EasyJet. For any other help, visit the official website easyjet.com

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