Does Avianca Airlines Require COVID Vaccine To Fly?

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit everyone across the world, the airlines adopted strict rules and regulations for traveling. Many passengers who want to travel with Avianca Airlines have questions related to Does avianca Airlines require COVID vaccine to fly. There are many flights and airlines where the vaccination certificate of Covid is essential. Avianca Airline is a Colombian Airline that is the largest airline in Colombia and the second-largest airline in Latin America. There are many policies followed by Avianca Airlines. Some of them are given below:

  1. There are many restrictions on arrival without vaccination in some countries. Even traveling with the Avianca Airline is essential to keep the vaccination report and have both vaccinations.
  2. Many countries do not allow tourists to visit and travel around the city without isolation. It is necessary to be quarantined for at least a week even if the tourist has a negative result.
  3. Every passenger needs to have a negative test report of Covid which should have been done 72 hours before the flight's departure. 
  4. After arriving at the destination, passengers will be taken to test again. If the passenger is positive, they will be quarantined at the place provided by the airport, and also, the fellow passengers will be isolated even if they have negative results. 

Entry requirements for your destination

  1. Countries and territories have imposed temporary entry requirements, limiting entry to citizens, permanent residents, and selected visa holders, or restricting essential travel.
  2. Every traveler should have a vaccination certificate. They should have negative results of Covid-19 compared to the RT-PCR test. Without negative results, there will be no entry of the traveler to the destinations.
  3. Every passenger should wear masks before entering the airport while boarding and onboard. They should use FFP masks without valves and keep extra masks with them to change them after every one hour of traveling. 
  4. Also, keep sanitizer and use it frequently after touching anything around them. Keep social distance with fellow passengers and also the airline staff. Do not talk unnecessarily with fellow passengers to prevent the spreading of infection. They should not leave their seats without any reason on the flight.

Airline Service team:

In case of any trouble related to the requirements of the airlines and the arriving destination, travelers can contact the service team of the airlines. There are many ways by which they can contact the service team of the airline:

  • Through their Contact number

Travelers can contact the service team through their phone number. They can have access to their phone number by internet browsing. By calling them, they can clear all their doubts related to the requirements of the airlines and the arriving destination. They will reply to them directly on the call with all the information as they are available 24/7 to help the passengers.

  • Live chats-

By going to their official websites and on the contact us option beside the page. Select the option, and a box will prompt a live chat with the service team agents. 

These are the following ways by which they can contact the service team as the best way is Avianca airlines phone number. They will provide all the answers to the travelers, and above mentioned ways can provide much information to them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. People Nowadays have this question in their mind if they are traveling somewhere in Avianca Airlines. So, let it be clear that you have to carry a covid test report as well as the Vaccination certificate along with you.
  2. People also think that if they do not have any COVID test report then how can they travel anywhere in Avianca Airlines? They can easily travel in Avianca Airlines as there are several Covid Testing booths on the Airport and they will make a quick checkup of yours and provide you your Report. If you are found positive then you won't be allowed to travel anywhere and proceed you to the Quaratine Area.
  3. In Case you found Negative in the Covid Test Then you are allowed to Travel in Avianca Airlines but You must have the Vaccination Report along with you, if you don't have that, you are not allowed to travel.
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