Do You Have To Have The Covid Vaccine To Fly LOT Polish?

LOT Polish Airlines have introduced payments tips at the airport during the Covid-19 to boost customer security during the airport. 

Find out what is needed while traveling with LOT Polish Airlines during COVID-19 by perusing their guidance and approaches.

LOT polish care about the security of our travelers and group, which is why it works every one of our trips per the best expectations. The #FlySafeFlyLOT technique incorporates security rules locally available, just as at the airport. 

Essential Information for Travelers with Lot Polish Airlines

  1. Completely vaccinated passengers are more averse to getting and spreading COVID-19. In any case, international travel represents extra dangers, and surprisingly completely vaccinated passengers may be at expanded danger for getting and perhaps spreading some COVID-19 variations.
  2. Try not to travel globally until you are completely vaccinated. If you are not completely vaccinated, there are extra suggestions to follow previously, during, and later travel.

Having a query: Do You Have To Have The Covid Vaccine To fly lot polish? Yes, As per LOT Polish laws, Customers should have the covid vaccine before flying. However, if you are having a negative test report, and that has been required 48 hours before appearance, then, at that point, you can keep away from the whole quarantine process. 

Presently Polish specialists have additionally stretched out this standard to vaccinated travelers. As in, those vaccinated would now be able to try not to go under isolation.

Suppose you test positive before flying with LOT Polish Airlines. In that case. In that case, you have two options, and one is you can reschedule your flight. After completing the quarantine process, you can take the flight, or the other option is that you can cancel the flight and get your cancellation from the airline. So, if you plan to cancel the flight, you might be wondering about the cancellation and the refund policy. 

Let us look at the cancellation and the refund policy of LOT Polish Airlines


The Airline grants travelers to cancel a booking. In addition, the airline has a 24-hour cancellation strategy. Accordingly, travelers can cancel and get a full refund of the ticket within 24 hours from buy. What's more, the conditions underneath need go met for something similar:

  1. Ticket ought to be bought within 24 hours by means of website,  Contact Center or travel agency*;
  2. If your flight is canceled due to the Covid-19, then the refund should be submitted (using Contact Center, Facebook Messenger, or your travel service) as long as 24 hours from buy, but not later than 6 hours before takeoff of the flight.

Refund Policy

Travelers can get a refund of a ticket that they have. Additionally, as per the lot polish refund policy, if the traveler has not utilized any part of the ticket, the airline will refund the charge paid by the traveler. 

Also, taking care of expenses or canceling charges might be appropriate contingent upon conditions appended to the ticket. Then again, if the access is utilized, LOT Polish Airlines will give travelers a refund of the sum equivalent to the distinction between the charge paid and the applicable fare for the portion used. 

So, if you still have a query regarding the Do You Have To Have The Covid Vaccine To fly lot polish? Or any other travel services, The customers can directly call the airline customer service by dialing the lot polish phone number. The representative will assist you by providing the right solution to your query. 

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