How do I change my name on China Airlines?

When you make a flight reservation, it is crucial that the name in the booking exactly matches the name on the ID/ passport. If you make a mistake entering your name while making a reservation with China Airlines, you can correct the mistake easily, in accordance with china airlines' name change policy, and get the error rectified. A wrong name on a boarding pass will cause serious problems during your travel, and you may not get to take your flight. It is important to recheck your name before you confirm a booking.

China Airlines name change policy

  • You could change a name if the booking was made through the official online or offline mode.
  • A name change can be done only if the name on the flight ticket does not match the name on the customer's passport. 
  • You can change 4 letters on your title, 4 letters on the first name, and only 2 letters on the last name.
  • A name can be changed only once at China Airlines.
  • If you booked your flight ticket through a travel agency, you have to contact the agency to make changes to the name.
  • If you want to know china airlines' Name Change Fee, you have to speak to a customer service agent as the name change fee depends on various factors like your itinerary and destination.
  • You will not be able to change the name on a flight ticket at the last minute. You will have to cancel the booking and make a new booking to correct the name.

Steps to Change name -

Visiting the official website is the best way to get access to the option of changing a name. It is user-friendly, and you can change a name in a few steps from anywhere in the world. Follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the homepage - china-airlines.com
  • You have to click “Manage Booking” and enter your surname and booking code to retrieve your booking.
  • Select the specific booking that needs modification to the name.
  • You will receive the option to change your name spell. You can follow the instructions that come up on the screen to finish the name change.
  • In the end, you have to pay the china airlines Name Change Fee for confirmation of the name change.
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