How many pieces of luggage allowed on Caribbean Airlines?

You are planning to travel with Caribbean airlines, and there are a few days left to your departure date. Since you started packing, you must be wondering how much luggage is allowed on the flight, What you can take with you on the flight, if there are any special allowances for infants or pregnant women, and What restricted items are not allowed on the flight. All of the confusion can be answered through Caribbean Airlines' baggage policy. So keep on reading the information below to learn the airline baggage policy.

What is the Caribbean Airlie baggage policy?

Checked Baggage Policy

  • Your route, such as domestic and international, and fare type ( the airline offers Economy Flexible, Economy Non-Flexible, Economy Semi-Flexible, and Business Class) can determine how many complimentary bags you can take. 
  • The check bag's weight should not exceed 23 kg, and its dimensions should be 57cm/62 inches.
  • If you have taken a domestic flight between Trinidad and Tobago, you can take the first checked bag for free, and for other bags, you will have to pay 0.44 USD per KG price.
  • The Economy Non-Flexible, and Economy Semi-Flexible, passengers can take one checked bag with them free of cost, the second bag will cost USD 35, and flexible economy passengers can take two checked bags. The third bag will cost 130 USD.
  • Business class passengers can take three checked bags free of cost; if they wish to take the fourth bag, they will have to pay 175 USD.
  • The airline allows excess baggage of 23 kg, which should be less than 32 kg, as per the space availability. 

Child Baggage Allowance

  • Passengers traveling with their Lap infant can take up to 10kg carry-on bags. 
  • Lap infants are also permitted to take one checked bag or one carry-on collapsible baby stroller, infant's carrying basket, and infant's car seat, which may be taken in the passenger's cabin also, depending on the subject of space availability,
  • Seated infants for whom a ticket had been purchased will get a free checked baggage allowance of the following ticket brand purchased-Lite, Classic, Flex, Biz, or Biz Flex.

Pet Allowance

Traveling pets are allowed as checked bags per the airline policy if you have a service dog.

Mobility Aids

Mobility aids can be taken as free checked bags and can be taken in aircraft cabins depending on space availability.

Fee Structure

  • As per the Caribbean airlines' Extra Baggage Fee, the overweight and oversized bag fees will not contain another baggage fee.
  • Baggage that is excess in weight of 32kg and dimensions of 292cm linear dimensions will not be taken as checked baggage.


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