Can I Select Flight Seat at Avianca Airlines After Booking?

Yes, you can select a flight seat at Avianca Airlines after booking, and it will be chargeable. Suppose a passenger wants to select their flight seat after the booking so that you can contact the helpdesk or you can do it online. When passengers use these different mediums, you will be able to book the seat after booking. There is a seat selection policy when you are selecting the seat. For selecting the seats, you have to know about Avianca Airlines Seat Selection Policy, Seat Selection Process, and Seat Selection Charges. You can select flight seats after booking if you know about them.

Avianca Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Suppose you want to select the airline, so you have to follow the seat selection policy. When you follow the seat selection policy so you will be able to select the seat:

  1. There are many types of seats like the economy and business class. If you want economy seats, you can select the seats after making the reservation.
  2. If you want to upgrade your seats in the business, you can do it after the reservations.
  3. You can select your seats before making the reservations or do it when you are departing the flight.
  4. You can select your seats when the seats are available and pay the amount according to your flight seats.

These were the seat selection policy. When you follow the policy, you will be able to select the seats. 

Avianca Seat Selection Process

 If you want to book your seats, you can do it online, contact customer service, or do it online. If you want to do it online, you have to follow the steps to do it.

  1. Selection of seats by online mode

Follow the steps to book the seats on the airline.

  1. Visit the official website of Avianca airlines.
  2. Click on the My bookings.
  3. Enter your travel dates
  4. Enter other details that require.
  5. Click on the seat option.
  6. Choose your seat preferences.
  7. Pay the amount that is required.
  8. You will get the confirmation email on your registered email, and you will get the text message on your registered phone number.

2. Contacting Customer Service

If you want to contact the airlines, contact the customer service for seat bookings. To contact customer service, you have to visit the website. If you want to contact the airlines, you must call the airlines' official number. After that, you have to follow the IVR steps. When you follow the IVR steps, you will contact customer service. When you contact customer service, you can tell them about the flight seats. When you tell them to book the flight seats, they will contact customer service. 

Avianca Seat Selection Charges

The charges of Avianca seat selection depend on what type of seats you have booked. 

  1. If you book the economy class ticket, you have to pay according to your seat.
  2. If you book the seat before the emergency exit, you have to pay the amount.
  3. Suppose you want an empty seat so you have to pay the amount and you can check the availability of this seat at the airport.
  4. Suppose you have a disabled person so that you can add the seat in the special requirement. When you add the special requirement, the website will show where you can take the seats according to your requirement and pay the required amount.
  5. The seat selection charges start at $10-$30 per seat flight and segment.
  6. All the airlines have different costs of seat up gradation.
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