Breeze Airways Flight Cancellation & Refund – Terms & Conditions  

Refund is an excellent policy for the passenger; using this facility will allow the passenger to make changes in the reservation according to their plan. Breeze airlines are one of the most famous airlines in the airline sector. They allow the passenger to modify the bookings accordingly. Some passengers want to know about the refund and cancelation policies of Breeze airlines then need to read the below statements. 

What's Breeze Airways Refund Policy?

  • If the ticket is booked through the airline's official website and you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking, you will be able to get a complete refund.
  • If the passenger wants to cancel the flight within seven days of the boarding date, they will have to pay some fee and get the amount in the refund. 
  • If there is some medical emergency that happens with the passenger after the flight booking, they will have to show the medical certificate to Breeze airways, and then they will be able to get a complete refund. 
  • In case of the death of a family member within 30 days before the boarding date, the passenger will get a complete refund. 
  • If the ticket is booked through an official representative of Breeze airlines, the passenger will need to contact them to get a refund. 
  • If the passenger has gotten the ticket through a voucher or an offer, they need to fill out the voucher cancelation form. With this, they will not get any amount in a refund; instead of this, they can redeem the offer next time while traveling with Breeze airlines. 
  • The passenger will only be able to get the refund if they purchase a refundable ticket. If they purchase a non-refundable ticket, they will not get anything in the refund. 
  • If the flight is canceled by Breeze airlines or rescheduled, the airlines will be eligible to give you a complete refund and complete care at the airport. 
  • If the ticket payment is through a card or any online way, they will get the refund in the account within 14 days, or if the passenger booked the flight by giving cash, they would get the refund within 20 days. 

How do I get a refund from Breeze Via Online Method?

You have unexpected changes to your Breeze Airways reservations, and you must cancel your tickets. Read the following policy and instructions if you want to cancel your Breeze flight and get a refund.

Online Method:

  • Browse the Breeze Airways webpage.
  • Look for the Manage booking option on the Homepage.
  • Enter the Last Name and Reservation Number
  • Click on the flight you wish to cancel and click on the cancel option.
  • Confirm your cancellation.
  • Type the required details and the reason for your Breeze flight cancellation in the refund request form.
  • After the flight cancellation, you will the flight cancellation mail on your registered email id.

Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy

  • If the flight is canceled within 24 hours of the booking, the passenger will get the entire amount. Breeze airlines will not deduct any amount. 
  • If the passenger wants to cancel the flight within seven days of the boarding date, the airline will charge some amount. 
  • If the passenger cancels the flight and books a new flight simultaneously, they will have to pay some charges.
  • If the passenger cancels the flight ticket and books a new flight ticket after two months, they will not have to pay any additional charges. 
  • If the ticket is booked through an official representative of the airline, then the passenger needs to contact them to cancel the flight. 
  • The airlines provide some period on the boarding date to cancel the flight. After that time, the passenger will not be able to cancel the flight. 
  • If the flight is canceled by breeze airlines, then the airline will be eligible to give you complete care at the airport, and if you want your money back, then the airline will give you payment. 
  • The passenger would not be allowed to make changes to the flight if they want to cancel the flight. 

Breeze Airways Cancellation Fee

  • The cancelation fee of breeze Airways depends upon the fare type and the class of the seat selected on the flight by the passenger. 
  • The passenger can also make a reservation for the cheapest day, so they would have to pay less as a cancelation fee if they cancel the flight.
  • You can also use a credit card, which allows some coverage of the deducting amount. 
  • The passenger needs to pay more fees if they want to cancel the flight before one or two days of boarding. 
  • Passengers will not have to pay any fee to the airlines if Breeze Airways cancel the flight. 
  • The passenger can also ask the airline to remove the fee if the flight is canceled due to a change in weather.
  • The refund can also be claimed fully if the flight is canceled due to external factors.

Still, if the passenger has any queries left, they can contact the official representative of Breeze airlines.

How can I Get a Full Refund If I Cancel my Breeze Flight?

 It is pretty simple to cancel a flight ticket to Breeze Airlines when you complete the reservation on its official booking website. If you want to know the steps how to get a full refund if I cancelled my Breeze flight, you may go through the steps now.

  • First, ensure you have visited the Breese Airlines booking website and go to the manage booking.
  • Enter the thirteen-digit ticket number and last name of the passenger to view your flight details.
  • If you have canceled a flight ticket within 24 hours before flight departure, you will get the flight refund status on the refund page.
  • Get a reasonable time for a refund after the flight cancelation within seven to ten working days. 

How do I claim a refund for a canceled flight on Breeze Airways?

Refund Request form:

  • Visit the official home page of Breeze Airways.
  • Click on the contact us option and look for the refund request form.
  • Click on the option and enter required details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Breeze cancellation policy

  • The passengers who have booked a reservation and cancel it before 24 hours of the booking will get a full refund.
  • The flight tickets should be purchased seven days prior to the flight departure for a full refund.
  • If the passenger cancels the Breeze airlines flight after 24 hours of the booking, cancellations charges will be applied to cancel the tickets.
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