Can I Fly with Sun Country Without Changing My Name on Air Ticket?

Yes, you can fly with Sun Country without changing your name on Air Ticket when your ticket is free from any errors or any mistakes. However, if your ticket name has an error, you can’t fly with Sun Country without changing your name on Air Ticket. Moreover, it is the 11th largest airline in America which can carry several numbers of Sun Country. So, if you want to travel and make your plans with it, you get enjoyment and make a memory at the cheapest ranges. However, are you searching the methods of How much does it cost to upgrade my name on the Sun Country airline ticket? So, in this content, you will get about the sun country Airlines Name change policy and after that, you will know about the up-gradation of the name on the Sun Country airlines ticket. For more, you have to stick to this content. 

Name Upgrade Policy of Sun Country

Therefore, you will see about the name upgrade policy of Sun Country Airlines. So, if you want to change it, make some changes by keeping in mind the name upgrade policy of Sun Country Airlines is: 

  • Sun Country airlines never allow transferring the ticket to someone and changing their name with them.
  • You can only update and edit your name according to the name upgrade policy.
  • According to t the sun country name upgrade policy, You can change only the name before 24 hours of the on-boarding time.
  • Basic economy tickets don't have a name upgrade policy. So, whenever you want to make upgrades, you must check status of tickets availability.
  • There is no compulsion to pay 125$ to 200$ dollars on up-gradation on refundable tickets. 
  • In addition, the Sun Country airline’s Name upgrade charge is the contract that tickets will cancel within 24 hours, and departing the flight before seven days and 168 hours it can cancel it.

Therefore, if you want to change your name on a Sun Country airline ticket, it costs to correct your name Sun Country airline from the passenger must pay 120$  up to 120$. However, according to the name change policy on Sun Country Airlines’ tickets, the cost will be applicable on terms and conditions. And the conditions are:

  • Misspelling
  • Legal name upgrades 
  • Upgrades in the passenger information
  • Required Documents for making upgrades 

Moreover, the cost for the name upgrade on national Sun Country airline tickets is 125$. On the other hand, the fare for the name upgrade on the international Sun Country airline ticket starts from 125$ and the maximum cost of it is 200$. 

Thus, if you want to know more about the guidelines and upgrade of your name, contact the reserved desk at Sun Country Name Change Fee policy. In addition, contact them via mail and via doing a live chat with the customer care service person of Sun Country airlines.


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