Can I Change My Name to Brussels Airlines After Booking?

Brussels Airlines allows you to change your name after booking. However, Brussels Airlines always make sure that the passenger of their airlines never feels disappointed with the airline. For this, the airlines can provide their good services in all sectors. So, if a passenger can interact with Brussels Airlines tickets of misspelling in their name, the airline makes some rules of Brussels Airlines Name Change Policy for changing the name. For this, you have to go through these rules in an appropriate manner. And, after that, you are allowed to change your name from there.

The Procedure of Name Changing At Brussels Airlines

Moreover, take this method to change your name at Brussels Airlines. So, there have been 2 modes of changing your name promptly and that is,

  1. Name change by phone calling
  2. Via online mode change your name

By Phone Call Change Your Name at Brussels Airlines

So, by calling change your name at Brussels Airlines with the given below steps. Therefore, for this,

  1. Browse Brussels Airlines on your device
  2. Then, go on the customer service page
  3. Look for the calling option 
  4. Take the phone number of Brussels Airlines and go for a calling 
  5. Thereafter, request for a name-changing at Brussels Airlines
  6. After the request, you will see that your name will be changed soon.

Hence, by this, you can promptly change your name at Brussels Airlines. So, it will help you a lot in changing the name in Brussels. However, here is another option for changing your name at Brussels Airlines via the online method.

Change Your Name at Brussels Airlines by Online Mode

For this, you have to subsequent the drop down all the steps for requesting a name change. Therefore, change it with these steps that are:

  1. Launch for Brussels Airlines home page on your browser
  2. Tap on my trip
  3. Open your Brussels Account by entering the booking number and your name
  4. Thereafter, go a search for the flight from which you have done your reservation
  5. Tap on settings
  6. And, make a request for the name change at Brussels Airlines
  7. After verification, the airlines will allow you for changing your name
  8. Pay the Brussels Name Change Charges amount for name changing from the itinerary tickets.

In addition, you have to pay 490 Euros per person to make a change in your name. However, according to the Brussels Name change policy, it is required to change a name in a proper manner. Otherwise, you are not able to take a flight.

Hence, by these ways, you will get the best services from Brussels and make a Brussels flight name change on your itinerary receipt. So, it is essential to pursue these steps and methods of it.

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