Finest Ways to "Get Through to Easyjet"

EasyJet ensures that passengers get the best help and assistance, from booking their flight tickets to reaching their desired destination. If they have any issue with their flight and wish to change their reservation, then the best way to get hold of the executive is through EasyJet's contact number. Although the airlines have multiple ways to get the best help and assistance, each is explained here. 

Methods to connect with EasyJet

The ways and steps to connect with the airline executive are mentioned and explained here for you as follows.

EasyJet Airlines Phone Number 

The EasyJet airlines have prescribed multiple ways to get hold of the agent and ask for the necessary assistance. The passengers will find the EasyJet phone number allotted for their region; some are mentioned here. 

  • Country Telephone Israel Call- +972 (0) 79 5723947/ Mon-Sun: 07:00-22:00 (GMT) 
  • Italy Call- +39 02 32068889/ Mon-Sun: 07:00-19:00 (GMT)
  • Portugal Call- +351 21 1222210/ Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00 (GMT)
  • Spain Call- +34 93 6410000/ Mon-Sun: 07:00-19:00 (GMT)
  • Switzerland Call- 0800001999/ Opening Hours: Daily 0800 - 2000 (Local Time)
  • UK Call- +44 330 5515167/Opening Hours: Daily 0800 - 2000
  • UK Time France Call- 0800 949393/Opening Hours/Daily 0800 - 2000 (Local Time)
  • Germany Call- 0800-0000077/Opening Hours: Daily 0800 - 2000 (Local Time) 

How do you get in touch with easyJet by Email?

The travelers also have the option to get hold of the customer service executive over email. All they need to do is draft a mail mentioning their query in detail before sending it to the airline's official email address, customer.support@easyJet.com. After which, the agent will connect with them shortly. 

Where is easyJet head office?

EasyJet is situated at Hangar 89 London Luton Airport Luton Bedfordshire LU2 9PF United Kingdom. If the passengers traveling from the United Kingdom have any issues, they can directly write the headquarters. 

What is EasyJet's claims phone number?

If the travelers have faced any issue related to their baggage, i.e., delay in receiving baggage, lost baggage, or more. They can dial the claims number: 0333 333 9653 to get the hold of a customer service executive.  

What is the EasyJet holiday customer service number?

Suppose you have any queries about your holiday itinerary prepared by the airlines and want to get it rechecked. In that case, they can contact the executive at holiday customer service: 0330 551 5165  and check their reservation before booking their flight ticket. 

How do I contact the EasyJet Press office?

The airlines have prescribed an email for the passengers to connect with the representative through their customer service email. They have to draft a mail and send it to  public.affairs@easyjet.com, and once it's submitted, they will hear back from the airlines within 24 hours. 


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