What if Name Spelling is Wrong on Asiana Air Ticket?

Ticket reservations can be a tricky thing. You need to pay attention to many details and cross-check important data several times before you can be sure. Your name is something you are comfortable writing, you are used to it, so you think you don't need to verify it twice. This especially becomes the case when you make a reservation in a hurry. Later on, you check the details and find out how you gave wrong information instead. 

Asiana Airlines is a well-established name in the airline industry, and it understands that it's only human to make such mistakes. Under its Asiana Airlines name change policy, it allows the passengers to make corrections to the spelling mistakes people commit while feeding their name. Passengers who need to correct such spelling mistakes can understand the dos and don'ts of the procedure by going through the policy details. 

Asiana Airline Policies For Changing Name

Passengers are allowed to make changes to the existing names as per the following policies:

  • You can correct the spelling of a misspelled name, but you can not completely change the name. 
  • If your name has changed due to marriage or divorce, you need to provide the certificate of proof for the following and submit it to the airline within the stipulated time frame. 
  • You are allowed to submit the document for the name change and make changes on your own up to 24 hours before the airline takes-off. 
  • As per the Asiana Airlines name change policy, you can not transfer your ticket to someone else by modifying your name. This is why only name spelling correction is allowed; that too, up to a few letters. 
  • You can use both online and offline methods for name correction. 
  • If you are only an Asiana Airline visitor, you can only make a few changes in the spelling and not a proper name change. 
  • Passengers belonging to the frequent flier programs have more flexibility with the deadline for making changes. 

How Much Would It Cost To Correct Spelling Mistake

Different airlines impose different fees for such services; as far as Asiana goes, it follows the following structure for the fee implications. 

  • You are allowed to make small/minute changes to your name, such as two to three characters, for free. 
  • As per the Asiana airlines name change fee rule, making further changes in the name will count as change of ticket details as a whole, and you would need to pay around $70 for this purpose. 
  • This name change fee will be less than $70 to $0 for members of the frequent flier programs. If you are a mileage member, then how much you pay for this service will depend on the type of membership you have. 

If you need additional help or clarification, please connect with the available customer care agent. 

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