How Many Bags are Allowed on ANA?

ANA charges the excess baggage allowance once a bag exceeds the limit. So if you are planning a long trip, you must have more things to carry with you. If your trip is with ANA, you must learn about the baggage allowance and its baggage policy. The number of bags allowed on ANA varies with your traveling class. Here is the list of the bags that you can carry according to the class.

  • Passengers traveling in first class can carry up to 3 bags.
  • Business class passengers can carry two bags.
  • Economy and premium economy class passengers are allowed only two suitcases.

What is the Baggage Policy of ANA?

The baggage policy of ANA will determine if the airlines will charge you extra for your luggage. The critical points of  ANA airlines baggage policy are in the following section.

  • The weight limit for cabins: The weight limit for first-class and business-class passengers is 32 kg per piece. The baggage weight limit is 23 kg per piece for premium economy and economy class.
  • Size limit of bags: The total dimension, that is, length, height, and weight, cannot be more than 62 inches for all the baggage.
  • Before the flight departure, the passengers must check in at the self-service machine.
  • While traveling domestically in Japan, the baggage allowance of First class is applied to the premium economy, and the baggage allowance of premium economy is used to economy class.
  • A child younger than two years and who does not occupy a seat can carry a piece of standard-size luggage on top of the baggage allowance.
  • Additional baggage allowance and a few weight restrictions are exempted for some ANA Mileage club members.
  • For passengers with wheelchairs, they should let the ANA authorities know the weight, size, and length of their wheelchairs during reservation. They must check in at the airport 2 hours before the flight departure.
  • The additional charges are charged in the currency of the departure country. 

Charges applied when the number of bags increases than the allowance:

  • If the passenger travels between two countries, the commissions are 200 USD.
  • For passengers traveling domestically in the same region, 100 USD extra charges are applicable.

Charges apply if the weight exceeds the limit are as follows:

  • For international passengers, if the bag weighs more than 32 kg, 200 USD is charged.
  • 200 USD is applied for domestic destinations, oversized bags, and bags of more than 32 kg.

You can carry your luggage based on these policies while you travel with ANA Airlines.


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