What is Allegiant Airlines' Cancellation and Refund Policy? 

If you cancel your Allegiant Air flight and are concerned about the refund, check out the airline's cancellation policy and refund policy to avoid any last-minute hassle. Allegiant air cancellation policy guides the passengers on how to proceed with cancellation and what specific terms and conditions they should keep in mind. In this article, we will discuss all cancellation and refund policies of Allegiant airlines in detail; go through it to stay updated. 

Allegiant Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy - Check Out Important Terms and Conditions. 

Allegiant 24-hour Policy 

  • The 24-hour policy states that if you cancel your flight within 24 hours after booking and the departure date is seven days later, you are entitled to a full refund without paying any cancellation fee. 
  • The policy is applicable for all fare types, whether you hold a refundable or non-refundable ticket, Ticket with Trip Flex, Ticket without Trip flex, etc. 
  • The airline might charge a cancellation fee if you fail to complete the cancellation formalities within 24 hours. The cancellation fee, in that case, depends on fare condition, cancellation time, etc. 
  • For refundable tickets, you get a refund after deducting cancellation charges; besides, non-refundable tickets are not eligible for a refund after 24 hours.

Allegiant Cancellation and Refund Policy -COVID 19

If your flight is affected by COVID-19, you can cancel the booking once without paying any charges. Besides, Allegiant Airlines provides you with a refund in the form of e-credit, which you can use for a future booking.

Allegiant Cancellation and Refund Policy with Trip Flex

For passengers who purchase a standard ticket with Trip Flex can cancel their ticket anytime without paying any fee and are allowed to get a refund. You are also entitled to make changes in flight date and destination for free for one time. 

You can cancel your trip flex ticket up to 1 hour before departure and up to 72 hours if you purchase a hotel package. Allegiant Air will issue a non-refundable credit for future travel if you cancel the ticket after 24 hours.

Allegiant Cancellation and Refund Ticket Without Trip Flex

If a passenger holds a ticket without Trip flex, they are being charged a cancellation fee from their refund amount. The balance refund amount you will get in the form of e-credit.

Allegiant Cancellation and Refund Policy For an Award Ticket 

If you purchase an award ticket with the TripFlex add-on, the airline will not charge any cancellation fee, and you will be eligible for a full refund. However, if you purchase the ticket using award points and cancel it later, the points will be credited to your account as a credit voucher. The credit voucher can be used to purchase a new ticket in the future.

So by going through the complete information above, hopefully, you understand Allegiant Airlines' refund policy and cancellation policy. However, if you still have any confusion or want additional information, visit the cancellation and refund page of the airline. You can also speak to the Allegiant Air representative directly by calling on the customer service number available on the support page.

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