How Many Luggage are Allowed on Air Serbia?

Seek the guide about baggage on Air Serbia 

Traveling to the desired destination with family and friends is always enjoyable. Due to long vacations, all the passengers carry extra luggage that the airlines do not permit. While traveling with the Air Serbia airlines, the passenger can enjoy many benefits like a refund on cancellation, offers, vouchers, etc. To help their passenger Air Serbia provide their passengers with a facility of luggage policy which helps them to give information about how much luggage they need to carry. If you want to know the detailed information on this, you need to read below. 

What is the Air Serbia Baggage Policy?

  • Most passengers do not have complete information about the Air Serbia baggage policy because Air Serbia provides different baggage allowances for different seat types, which is mentioned below. 
  • If you are visiting any domestic destination, the check-in time starts before 2 hours, and the closing time for the checked baggage is 45 minutes before departure time. If you are traveling to any international destination, you can check in baggage within 3 hours and close before 60 minutes of departure time. 

For Economy Class Booking:

  • If you make the bookings of the economy class, then you can carry one checked bag whose weight is under 23 kg/ 47lbs; if the weight of the luggage is exceeded, then you have to pay a fee for extra luggage. 
  • This weight applies to all routes and destinations of the Air Serbia flights. If any passenger is traveling with any disability, they can add one baggage without paying any charges but have to show the proper documents. 

For Business Class Bookings:

  • If any passenger books the seat of business class, they can carry two checked bags under 30kg/ 69lbs. If the weight gets exceeded, then the charges are applicable. 

For First-Class Bookings: 

  • The passenger can carry three checked bags which have to be under 32 kg/ 72lbs, and it is for every destination except UAE and USA. 
  • If the passenger travels to the USA, they can carry two bags whose weight is under 35kg, and for UAE flights, they can carry two check bags under 33 kg. 

What are the Air Serbia Baggage Fees?

  • If the baggage weight is extra and you have the reservation of economy class bookings, then you have to pay 30 USD. 
  • Booking a business class, you have to pay 45USD per extra bag. 
  • For the first class bookings, you need to pay 50 USD charges for extra luggage. 

What is the Air Serbia Carry-on Weight?

  • A carry-on bag is essential as you can carry many things like a purse, traveling documents, laptop, etc. 
  • For economy class bookings: You can carry one carry-on bag under 7kg, and the dimensions are 35x15x50. 
  • For business class bookings: You can carry two carry-on bags whose weight is under 8kg/18lbs and dimensions are 38x18x53cm 
  • For first-class bookings: You can carry two carry-on bags whose weight is under 9kg and dimensions are 40x20x56cm.


As mentioned earlier, you will get the information about the Serbia baggage fees. Still, suppose if you have any concerns regarding luggage or Serbia airlines, you can contact the official representative to get the proper assistance. 

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