Royal Air Maroco Representative: How do I get in Touch?

Some travelers who travel to Morocco or their dream destination want to book flight tickets with Royal Air Maroc. They have the best facilities and amenities to provide their passengers. Air Royal Maroc is the Moroccan Airline known as RAM in simple terms. The RAM is the largest airline in Morocco that has different facilities with budget-friendly tickets. Some passengers want to book flight tickets with RAM and want to know the procedure to do so. Some travelers may have sudden changes in their plans, and due to that reason, they want to cancel their flight tickets. In such cases, they try to contact the Royal Air Maroc Customer Service

How do I Get in Touch with Royal Air Maroc?

You can contact the RAM customer service person in multiple modes. Some of the methods are mentioned below:

Via RAM phone number: If you are willing to speak with a Royal Air Maroc customer care representative, then, in that case, you should use 089-000-0800, this number as with this you can easily reach in direct contact of RAM over call.

Royal Air Maroc Phone Number

  • United States       +1 800-344-6726/ +1(802)-216-4422
  • Spain                   +902 210 010
  • Switzerland         +41 22 731 77 54
  • Netherland           + 31 20 36 95 027
  • England               +020 730 758 00
  • Italy                      +800 254 740
  • Canada                +001 514 285 14 35
  • Portugal               +01 213 500 020
  • Germany              +0699 200 14 61
  • Senegal                +221 33 849 47 47
  • Russia                   + 7 495 363 63 65
  • France                   +0820 821 821
  • Belgium                 +02 219 30 30

Contact RAM by Email Support: Another best option through which you can contact Royal Air Maroc would be emailing your issues or getting assistance for other services and facilities; send your query to these e-mail address, and within 24 to 48 hours, you will get a response over email with best solutions accordingly.

  • For Reservation: callcenter@royalairmaroc.com
  • For Cargo: cargo@royalairmaroc.com
  • For industrial Center: ciae@royalairmaroc.com
  • For Safer Flyer: safarflyer@royalairmaroc.com

Via Social Media: Travellers can connect with the Royal Air Marco customer support by using royal air social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

Via WhatsApp Chat:   Royal Air Maroc also have a WhatsApp chat number, if passenger have any problem related to booking, cancellation or refund then send your query on WhatsApp no +212 522 488 448

Where is Royal Air Maroc Headquarters?

Royal Air Maroc Headquarters: Aeroport De Casa-anfa, Casablanca, 20200, Morocco 

What is the best time to call royal Air Maroc?

The best time to call is generally known to be from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays, and for weekends, the time remains the same as call service works 24 hours

Where does Royal Air Maroc Fly to the USA?

If you are tackling the question of which all destinations are getting covered by Royal Air Maroc within the USA, then just beneath this passage, you will get the appropriate list of names to know about such events.

  • Boston
  • Miami 
  • Montreal 
  • New York
  • Washington.

How do I use air Royal Maroc customer service?

Suppose that you have some sort of queries regarding flight rescheduling, cancellation, or refunds; then getting in touch with customer services of Royal Air Maroc would be the best option as they provide several contact mediums for customers, and appropriate assistance is entitled from them.

How do I contact Royal Air Maroc from the US?

To contact RAM from the US then, you can use the official contact phone number, 514-907-5353, and after that, you just need to follow IVR instructions and get connected with the available assistant.

How do I contact royal Air Moroc by Email?

Suppose you especially want to contact Royal Air Maroc through official email, then in that scenario. In that case, you can use callcenter@royalairmaroc.com this email address to compose your query and send it to this email address, and within 24 hours, you will get a response from the concerned team.

How do I speak to someone at Royal Air Maroc?

If you want to make a direct call to RAM, then you can use this official contact phone number, 089-000-0800, dial the number, listen to voicemail commands, and get in touch with a representative.

How do I contact Air Morocco?

Suppose you want to speak directly with a RAM customer service representative. In that case, the very first option you can use will be the Royal Air Maroc contact number because, with the number, you can connect easily; alternative for the phone is social media, email, and other available contact methods of Royal Air Morocco are over its official website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers can connect with someone from the customer service department to get help and assistance with things concerning Royal Air Maroc flights.  Wondering How do I reach to Customer Service on Royal Air Maroc? A guide to reaching out to the customer service department on Royal Air Maroc is listed below: 

  • Hotline number. 

Travelers can reach out to the customer service department for help by dialing the customer service helpline number to reach a customer service executive at Royal Air Maroc. Access the Royal Air Maroc Phone Number to get help with reservations and other flight-related queries. There is a short wait time on the call after which you can discuss your issues with the customer support team for better resolutions. 

  • Email address. 

Customer services are available online and via the customer service email address released by the airline to extend help and support to travelers. You can find ample support by composing an email and getting it delivered to the customer support email address released by the airline: customerserviceus@royalairmaroc.com 

  • Mail complaints. 

Travelers can access customer support by Royal Air Maroc Customer Service by delivering complaints and feedback on the mailing address mentioned below:

Have you ever noticed the issue of not booking through the Royal Air Maroc official website, or are you not getting your boarding pass details over the site page? Then the most appropriate option to get assistance over your issues is through the modes of contacting the customer service team using different methods.

  • Contact via phone number: A helpline is the first option that passengers strike over to get help. Because by the customer service phone number you will easily contact the expert team for help.
  • Help over live chat option: Secondly, you can switch over the live chat stage if you are not convinced over the phone. This option is available right here on the website as a chat icon.

However, if you need to report your issues or know How Do I get in Touch With Royal Air Maroc Customer Service, with other modes, you can email customer service of RAM and get answered accordingly within 24 to 48 hours

Royal Air Maroc is a Moroccan national carrier that the Moroccan government owns. 

Yes, The Royal Air Maroc Bestows Good Customer Service. 

(A) Earnings and Redeeming. 

Royal Air Maroc does provide you with an offer through which you can easily collect miles and get credited to your account within 30 days, and you do have to make sure its services are fully utilized within a given range of time. You can redeem or earn miles by simply getting its services. 

(B) Priority Check-in and Boarding

Royal Air Maroc offers you quick priority check-in and boarding facilities. It does provide you the priority check-in or boarding facilities, and you do have to make sure all your needs are fully satisfied within a given range of time and do avail of the services of the royal air Maroc airlines. 

If you still have any doubt about whether Royal Air Maroc bestows good customer service, the above-written methods will act as the guidelines through which it can get its services. 

Royal Air Maroc never leaves a chance to make their customer's journey comfortable. You can make a reservation on the airline using their customer service. If you want to reach the live person for help, you can follow the steps below and talk with an agent about your issues:

  1. Visit the official website Royal Air Maroc first.
  2. Choose the Contact Us option from the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select the number given for the different services.
  4. Dial the phone number at the given timings.
  5. Wait for a while till the live person speaks to you from the other end.

With the simple steps above, you can get in touch with the Royal Air Maroc customer service and get help with your queries. If you want to contact the airline using social media platforms as well. Once you connect with the airline's customer support, resolve all the issues, and enjoy a trouble-free trip to your favorite destination.

Royal Air Maroc is a Moroccan national carrier. It is being ranked as one of the top class airlines in the royal air Maroc which provides world-class services to all its passengers. You can easily get connected through the royal air Maroc customer service and get its services as per the requirement of the customer. 

Get in Touch with the Royal Air Maroc:- 

  1.  Do Dial the customer service number or their toll-free numbers and do get the services do visit their official site or get connected through the and do connected through there automated IVr options and do raise your concerns. 
  2. Their services are available 24x7 to assist its customers and they do provide you the much-needed assistance within a given period of time. 
  3. Dial 1 to know about the reservation process of the royal air Maroc. 
  4. Dial 2 to know about the baggage policy of the royal air Maroc airlines. 
  5. Dial 3 to know about the check-in procedures of the royal air Maroc airlines. 
  6. Dial 9 speaks to a live representative and # to know about the general queries and do raise a general query for the same.

You are easily able to dial there and get connected through the royal air Maroc phone number and are connected through its services within a given period of time and do avail its services . 


Guide to contact the Royal Air Maroc Support Team

Royal Air Maroc is the Moroccan National carrier and is the largest airline from its region that provides international and domestic flights to worldwide destinations. If you have a Royal Air Maroc flight booking or a reservation and you have a set of questions for which you feel the need to get in touch with the Royal Air Maroc Customer Service team, in that case, the following points will help you significantly.

Contact Royal Air Maroc Customer Support

You can contact the Royal Air Maroc customer support team and get in touch with one of their live representatives by going through and following the points listed below;

  1. Visit the official Royal Air Maroc website.
  2. Click on the option ‘Contact Us’ present at the top of the website.
  3. Please select the topic and your country to contact their support representative on the following page.
  4. Call the Royal Air Maroc number displayed on the page according to their hours of operation.
  5. Once the call connects, a Royal Air Maroc support representative will connect with you and assist you instantly.

Thus, you can get in touch with the customer service team of Royal Air Maroc with the help of their phone support option, as stated above, in a hassle-free and timely manner.

Phone Call Us: +1(802)-216-4422 click to call
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