How Can I cancel a Google flight within 24 hours?

If you have made a flight reservation by using the platform Google Flights and you want to know whether it is possible to cancel your booking within 24 hours or not, then yes, most airlines allow you to cancel your ticket within 24 hours. You must follow Google flight cancellation policy to cancel your bookings and follow the procedure given below to cancel your ticket. 

The procedure to cancel your Google flight purchased ticket: 

After booking a flight ticket, Customers usually receive ticket confirmation details on their registered email address. It also consists of airline information. Once you get details from the airline, you can follow the given process to cancel your ticket:

  • Go to the official website of the airline you are holding a ticket for.
  • Search and explore the “manage to book” section.
  • Insert the flight confirmation number and passenger's name to find your ticket.
  • When you get your ticket, you can click on the cancel booking option.
  • Finally, you will get a notification about flight cancellation on your registered phone. 

Google Flight Cancellation & Refund Terms and Conditions:

Customers who want to cancel their Google flight ticket must obey google flight refund policy and cancellation policies. Important highlights of the same are given below:

  • If any customer cancels their booking and claims a refund within 24 hours of flight reservation, they can cancel their booking free of cost, and they are liable to get a full refund.
  • For the cancellation and refund requests made after 24 hours, customers are not eligible to get a full refund, and they need to pay a cancellation fee.
  • Refunds can be claimed for flights that are canceled by the airline.
  • If any passenger cancels the booking due to medical emergencies, then they can contact the airline and provide their medical documents to get a full refund. 

Are Google flights refundable?

Since Google is not directly selling tickets, customers need to check the airline through which they are purchasing tickets whether their flights are refundable or not. If, while purchasing your ticket, you select “price guarantee program,” then your flight will be refundable. If customers are not sure whether their tickets are refundable or not, then they can check it online by managing their booking. 

Google flight cancellation fee:

If you are searching what Google flight cancellation fee is, then the cancellation fee varies according to different airlines. The price also differs depending on the time you cancel your ticket. Approximately 50-150 dollars need to be paid for canceling. Google does not charge for flight cancellations. 

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