Can I bring my dog with me to JetBlue?

"Yes" You can bring the dog on a JetBlue flight with you, Sometimes while traveling for a vacation, you wish to take your pet dog with you. If you have booked tickets on JetBlue and plan to carry the pet dog, you must be aware of the Jetblue airlines pet policy and arrange the carriage of the pet dog as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

Jetblue Pet Policy:

  • Only small dogs and cats may travel in the JetBlue flight cabin.
  • The pet dog must be carried inside a pet carrier.
  • Complete documents about the pet vaccination, date of booking origin and destination, and travel dates have to be given 24 hours before the JetBlue flight.
  • The pet carrier must not exceed the weight limit of 20 pounds and dimension of 17 L X 12.5 W X 8.5 H.
  • The pet carrier must fit under the seat or in front, and the pet must be able to move around inside the carrier.
  • A Pet fee of $125 will be charged in each way for carrying a pet.
  • The pet must be appropriately tagged with the owner’s name and contact number. You must carry the pet license and other relevant documents.
  •  pet dog must remain inside the pet carrier at the airport and on the flight.
  • You must comply with the pet entry requirements of the destination airport to avoid any inconvenience.
  • A health certificate from a veterinarian should be given on demand confirming that the dog is fit to fly in the cabin and is completely vaccinated.

Ways to Book a Pet on a JetBlue Flight:

 To book your pet dog, you can either do it through an online process or from the JetBlue app.

By Call: To know how to make a booking for a pet dog and other rules for carrying a pet, according to JetBlue pet policy, you can call on JetBlue customer service number and get the needed information. Do the steps mentioned below for the call:

  • Dial 1-800-538-2583
  • Follow the IVR instruction
  • Talk to a JetBlue customer service person 
  • Know the guidelines for carrying a pet dog on a JetBlue flight.
  • Confirm the booking after payment of the pet fee.

Online booking: you can go to the official website and make a booking for your pet dog in addition to your reservations. You will have to pay the pet fee and enter all the necessary information about your pet to confirm the booking.

To conclude, to know more about JetBlue's dog policy, please read the above information to know about the conditions for carrying a pet dog and the procedure for booking.

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