How do I Check-in with WestJet? 

To take the flight, it is a must to do the entire check-in process because without check-in, you can’t take your boarding pass, and by this, you are accessible to take the flight easily.  However, if you seek to make a check-in but don’t know how to do this, there are a few easy methods.

  • Website check-in
  • Mobile check-in
  • Airport check-in
  • Self kiosk check-in

WestJet online Check-in Process:

When a traveler buys an additional seat. For that, go through the online check-in steps:

  1. Navigate the official web portal of the WestJet Airlines
  2. Find the check-in option, enter the PNR number & last name, and tap on the check-in
  3. View booking, complete all the processes to do the check-in, 
  4. After that, you have to choose the seats if didn’t select yet,
  5. Get the boarding pass, and get your flight by showing the pass.

Check-in By WestJet App: 

  • Download the WestJet Airlines app 
  • Log into your account, go to the check-in option, 
  • Enter the confirmation code and last name, and continue to check-in
  • Pick the seats, take the boarding pass, and download it.
  • Show it at the boarding gate.

Airport check-in: 

Go to the airport, find the check-in counter, and give all the recommended details to them. After that, get your boarding pass from the person, and print it. After that, move to the boarding gate to fly.

WestJet Check-in policy

  • Passengers can check in online through WestJet's website or mobile app. Online check-in typically opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure time and closes 60 minutes before domestic flights and 45 minutes before international flights. 
  • During the online check-in, passengers can select their seats, provide necessary travel information, and receive their boarding passes electronically.
  • WestJet also provides a mobile app that allows passengers to WestJet check-in baggage, manage bookings, and access other travel-related services directly from their mobile devices. 
  • Also, the mobile check-in process is similar to online check-in and allows boarding passes to be accessible on your phone.
  • WestJet provides check-in counters at the airport terminals for passengers who prefer to check in at the airport. 
  • The availability of check-in counters and the opening times may vary depending on the airport and the specific flight. It's recommended to arrive at the airport with sufficient time to complete check-in, drop off checked baggage, and clear security procedures.
  • WestJet also offers self-service kiosks at select airports, allowing passengers to check in, choose seats, and print their boarding passes.

How soon should be check-in at the WestJet airport?

You should be at the WestJet Airport before 2 to 3 hours of flying.

Note: Few of international airports do not allow check-in with pets before a 60-minute flight departure. And USA Airport does not allow passenger check-in with pets 120 minutes before the flight departure.

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