How can I check in Malaysia Airlines flight?

The passengers who have booked their flight ticket with Malaysia Airlines can proceed with the check-in through multiple ways. They can process the Malaysia Airlines check-in online through the airline's official website, at the airport check-in desk, or do the self-check-in using the kiosk machine. 

How can I web check in for Malaysia Airlines?

The travelers can proceed for web check-in online through the airline's official website. The steps that are required to be followed to proceed with the Malaysia Airlines web check-in are mentioned and explained here for you. 

  • Get on the homepage of the airline by visiting https://www.malaysiaairlines.com
  • Once you get onto the official website, all you need to do is select the check-in option, after which you need to enter the passenger's complete surname and the ticket booking code. 
  • Once it is done, you will get onto the flight details, and you have to proceed with the online process of check-in. 
  • Please proceed with the check-in, and once it's done, the boarding pass will send to you on your registered email.  

Malaysia Airlines counter Check-in

The passengers can proceed with the check-in at the airport counter as well, and people are usually forced for this if they have to Malaysia Airlines check in baggage as it will make it quick for them to pass the baggage security. 

The travelers need to provide the passengers with the complete details, and they will provide them with the boarding pass. 

Malaysia Airlines Self Check-in

To do the self-check-in, you must visit the airport and use the kiosk machine. All you need to do is process with the process, and details are given on the machine screen, and once you are done with the mas check-in, you'll receive the confirmation and boarding pass on your registered email address. 

How many hours before check-in for Malaysia Airlines? 

The travelers are allowed to proceed for the check-in three to four hours before the scheduled flight departure. They can also proceed for Malaysia Airlines online check-in online through the airline's official website 24 hours before the scheduled departure of their ticket. The online check-in closes 3 hours before the departure. 

Who can proceed with online check-in?

Every passenger is allowed to proceed with the check-in online through the airline's official website. However, passengers who have requested any special assistance or traveling with exceeds baggage are not allowed to proceed with the online check-in. They need to visit the airport may be an hour before the Malaysia Airlines check-in time and proceed with the check-in or the process to get the necessary asked assistance. 

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