How do I check in for KLM flight?

KLM is an acclaimed airline that operates flight services at several networks worldwide. The last step after making the flight reservation is to make the check-in (either from the airport or by online mode). There is multiple klm flight check in options, such as online/web, kiosk machine, from the airport, etc. If the customer faces any issues, they can connect with the customer support executive team to get accurate and instant responses. 

KLM Check-in Policy  

There are a few significant points for the KLM check-in policy that the customers must know. You can read it here below:

  1. The customers will be allowed to check in 30 hours before the flight departure timings. For the United States, they can make it 24 hours before the departure.
  2. For an international flight, you must check in at least 3 hours before to departure; for a domestic flight, it must be 2 hours before departure.
  3. Check-in will not be allowed when less than 30 minutes are left for the departure. 
  4. One can add on their excess baggage at the time of Check-in and also select the preferred seats. 
  5. The passenger must provide them with fit as per the Covid-19 rules and regulations. 

KLM check-in online/web   

The major steps for online/web check-in are given here below:

  • The initial step is to reach the website of KLM Airlines. 
  • Then, click on the Check-in tab. 
  • Now you need to enter the passenger's e-ticket number and last name. 
  • Follow the on-screen process; once it finishes, you can download the boarding pass. 

KLM Self-check-in 

Self-check-in is the quick and best way to check in at the airport by using the kiosk machine, searching the kiosk near to you at the airport, and check-in 30 hours to 24 hours before flight departure.   

Simply follow the few steps:

  • Get yourself checked through the security at the airport. 
  • Then mention all the details in the Kiosk Machine. 
  • Tap on "Check-in."
  • Click on "Download the boarding pass" and later collect the same. 

Note: some the airports doesn’t have kiosk machine for check-in, please confirm by support team before using this check-in procedure

KLM Mobile check-in  

The web check-in and mobile check-in are somewhere similar, and you will have to follow almost the same steps. Read the steps given here: 

  • Open the KLM Airlines mobile app. 
  • Tap on the "Check-in" option. 
  • Enter all the required details. 
  • Finally, download the boarding pass and show the same on the flight departure day. 

KLM Airport check-in  

In case you don’t know the online check-in process so you can use the airport check-in option, for that, you must be at the airport at least a few hours earlier than the scheduled reporting time to avoid long queues and waiting hours. Two options will be available for check-in: a check-in desk and a kiosk machine. 

How to Get KLM Check-in Issue Help from the customer support Team?   

In case, you are unable to check in online, kiosk, or self-check-in, go to the airport, then contact the customer support team,. and ask for check-in help.

When can you check in online for KLM?

You can online check-in 30 hours / 24 hours before the flight departure and purchase klm check-in baggage by following the on-screen instructions.   

Do you check in online with KLM?

You can make the online check-in or use the self-service kiosk machine to avoid the rush and long queues. 


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