How do I check in with Swiss Air Economy?

You can check in to your Swiss Air flight to get the boarding pass as it is the most essential travel document. There are several ways for  Swiss Air International to check in to your flight, like mobile check-in and automated check-in. You can opt for any method at your convenience.

  • Mobile Check-in:

You can check in to your Swiss Air flight through the mobile check-in process. Most passengers prefer it as they get a mobile boarding pass that can be easily scanned at the Airport. You can do it in the method described below.

  • Install the Swiss Air Mobile App on your phone.
  • Open the App and log in to your account using the credentials like Username and password.
  • Now tap the Check-in option and select the flight from your booking details.
  • Select the seat and then tap the continue option.
  • You are now successfully checked in to your flight.
  • You will receive the e-boarding pass on your email and phone.
  • Automatic Check-in:

Automatic check-in allows you to check in and select your favorite area, like the back, front, and middle of the aircraft, before the airline check-in window opens. You can consider the steps below for Automatic check-in.

  • Tap the Profile option on the phone.
  • Tap the ManageSubscription option.
  • Tap the Auto check-in option under the boarding pass widget.
  • Now go through the steps ahead to fill in the required option.
  • Finally, tap the submit option, and you are done.

How early can I check into Swiss Air?

You can check in to your Swiss Air flight as early as 23 hours before the scheduled departure through mobile and automatic check-in. However, you can also Swiss Air check in to your flight at the counters or the Kiosks at the Airport 2 hours before the scheduled departure.

What are the benefits of Swiss airline'sAirlines online check-in?

There are several benefits of Swiss Airline online check, like getting your preferred seats in advance and saving time standing in the queue at the Airport for check-in, and you can directly proceed to the TSA pre-check counter for Security checks.

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