How do I check in on Vistara?

The passengers can proceed with the check-in for their Vistara flight online by using the methods explained here.

Vistara web check-in

  • The first step is to get onto the official website https://www.airvistara.com/
  • They need to enter the PNR number and the last name of the passengers on the check-in page. 
  • They will get redirected to the flight details, where they must proceed and complete the process to get a boarding pass. 

Vistara mobile check-in

People can proceed with mobile check-in by following the same www Vistara web check-in process on the mobile app. 

  • Enter the PNR number and the last name in the app to get onto the flight details page. 
  • Please select the seat they want from the seat map and follow the check-in process. 
  • They need to pay a specific amount for seat selection, after which they will receive the boarding pass in their email. 

Vistara kiosk Check-in 

The passengers can proceed for self-check-in using the Kiosk Machine or get their Vistara web check-in boarding pass printed using that machine.

How early can you check in for a flight to Vistara? 

The passengers can proceed for Vistara online check-in 48 hours before the scheduled departure time, and the online portal for check-in closes 60 minutes before the departure. 

Can I do check in at the airport Vistara? 

  • The travelers must visit the airport at least 3 to 4 hours before the flight departure or 60 minutes before if they are not traveling with any baggage. 
  • Once they reach the airport check-in desk, they need to submit their official documents to verify the identity of the passengers. 
  • Once the verification is complete, you’ll get a boarding pass containing all the travel details, flight number, seat number, and scheduled departure time.

What is not allowed in check-in baggage Vistara?

The travelers are not allowed to carry any sharp objects, sports goods, Martial Arts props,s and any other thing that can cause harm to the other passengers as well as any liquid items that have the possibility of getting leaked.  

Why am I unable to web check-in Vistara? 

In certain cases, travelers need help to proceed with Vistara Airlines web check-in. Some cases are unaccompanied minors, persons with visual and hearing impairments, or passengers with special requirements like wheelchair assistance. 

Can I check in 2 bags with Vistara?

According to the Vistara Airlines check-in baggage allowance policy, travelers can take only one piece of baggage with a maximum weight of 15 kg. However, passengers traveling in business or first -class might have the option to take two bags. 



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