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What terminal is Latam Airline in Boston?

If you got a booking on a Latam Airlines flight which is scheduled from the Boston Airport, then you must use Latam Airline Boston terminal E to board your flight. 

How to Contact Latam Airlines in Boston?

If you worry about your travel and want to get some information related to your flying, contacting a person for support and any other things, here you will obtain the concerning details. 

Airport Name

Boston International Airport

Airport Address

Boston, MA 02128, United States

Airport Code


Airport WMO Code


Airport Mailing Address

Massachusetts Port Authority,

One Harborside Drive, Suite 200S,

East Boston, MA 02128

How can I call Latam Airlines at Boston Airport?

If a person would like to reach customer service on call to acquire help on their travel, then they need to place a call on Latam Airline Boston phone number +1800-235-6426. After that, you will have to follow the instructions of an automated voice to connect your call with a person. 

What are the other numbers available to contact Latam Airlines at Boston Airport?

If you are looking for the available numbers to reach out to Latam Airlines at Boston Airport, here are some numbers listed:

  • To inquire about flights and services, you can contact a person using the phone number: 1866-435-9526.
  • If you would like to submit a noise complaint to customer service, then call on 617-561-3333.
  • For parking-related information, you can contact a concerned person at 617-946-4440.

Pick the Latam Airline Boston contact number of the department where you want to connect and talk with the official. 

What are the operating hours of Latam Airlines at Boston Airport?

If you are thinking about the working hours of Latam Airline Boston customer service, they are available for the support of the passengers all day. 

Where should I contact for lost baggage at Boston Airport?

If you lose your baggage at the Boston Airport, then you will have to fill out a lost and found form where you will need to add the description of the lost item and add your contact details. 

When does check-in start at Boston Airport?

If you have Latam Airlines bookings and you wonder when the check-in starts at Boston Airport, for departing domestic flights, check-in starts 2 hours prior and for international flights 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. 

You may also do the web check-in for your Latam flight which starts 24 hours from the departing time.

Web Check-In Link: 

How to Talk with the Latam Airlines Customer Service Representative?

Phone Call Us: +1(802)-216-4422 click to call
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