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How do I contact American Airlines Newark?

American Airlines offers flight services from Newark Airport to multiple destinations. All the travel services are available online at their website to book flight tickets and get the latest status. When you make the reservation, you can have concerns regarding the flight reservation and other changes. For the AAdvantage benefits, you can connect with the customer service team at the Newark airport and talk to the representative. You will get the American airlines Newark airport customer service in the following ways.

  • By the phone:

Travelers can communicate with the customer service representative on the phone. For this, you must dial the American airlines Newark airport phone number at (973) 961-6000. When you follow the instructions, you will get the experts immediately. 

  • By the live chat:

Newark Liberty Airport is also available at the live chat to share the problems. At their contact page, you will see the live chat option where you can send your concerns to get assistance from American Airlines. They are available 24 hours and seven days a week.

  • By email:

You are required to write in detail about the airport-related problems with American Airlines. With this, you can send them to the customer service email ID at Once they check the query, they will give you the solution by email shortly.

  • By social media:

Newark Airport is also there on multiple social handles. You can find the American Airlines Newark terminal by following the given links. 

What terminal is American Airlines in Newark, NJ?

All the scheduled flights with American airlines will depart from “terminal A” at the Newark, NJ airport. You can reach the appropriate American Airlines Newark airport terminal to avoid any last-minute hassles and get the boarding pass.

What time does American Airlines open in Newark?

American airline's customer service is open daily from 3:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. in Newark. You can get in touch with the representative during this time from anywhere globally. 

Where is the American Airlines office in Newark?

American Airlines allows you to connect with the representative at the office directly. You can use the given office address in Newark and take the advice. 

Address: Newark Liberty International Airport 3 Brewster Road Newark, NJ 07114

Sometimes, you are unable to get a representative at the office. In this case, you can communicate on the American airlines Newark airport contact number at (973) 961-6000 and share the problems. 

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