Where is the cheapest place to fly into New Zealand?

New Zealand is a country with multiple tourist attractions like mountains, ancient glaciers, and hills. If you are planning a trip, you can visit the destinations such as Auckland, Queenstown and Wellington. You can also make the booking at Auckland International Airport as it is the cheapest airport.

The process for booking the cheapest flight to New Zealand (NZ)

You can book a cheap flight ticket to New Zealand by following the tips as per described below:

  • Low-Fare Calendars

On the airlines, there is a calendar option. Select that option. You will see a low-fare calendar, and you will see the prices. Make the booking as per your requirement.

  • Make a booking in advance:

If you want to travel to New Zealand and need to book a flight ticket at a low price. You can make the reservation at least four months before the scheduled departure date. You can get the deals while booking.

  • Do not make the reservation in peak seasons:

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, make the booking in the off-season to get a cheap flight ticket. Making the reservation during the holiday or peak seasons, you will get the ticket at a high price because, at times, most tourists make the booking.

  •  Never make the booking on weekends:

Avoid booking a flight ticket on the weekends as it will be costly. You will get cheap flight tickets on the weekdays. 

  • Check online deals and discounts:

You can also book the ticket at a low price by checking the online deals and offers. You can visit to the official website of the airline through which you want to make the booking.

  • Compare online flight fares:

You can check the prices for all the airlines and book the flight with the airlines that are providing cheap tickets.

What are the cheapest flights to New Zealand?

You can book a cheap flight through multiple airlines. Cheap flights to New Zealand are given below:

  • Air Asia.
  • Qantas Airlines.
  • Malaysia Airlines.
  • Catchy Pacific Airlines.
  • Emirates Airlines.


You can book a flight at a low price to New Zealand by using the aforementioned ways.

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