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Schedules are not always the same there are the time when we need to change our plans but those alterations often come at a certain price and are not necessarily free always do research your airline carefully before booking. Being a passenger we always book a flight at the cheapest rate but it could turn out to be a bad idea as well so having policies and conditions for flight change would be a good idea.

How to change the flight?

Open the airline website. Press the login link or the selection of schedules or check-in area.

Note that if you have booked a flight through a third party website you should make changes to the airline website.

Type your confirmation ticket or mileage rewards to bring your itinerary.

Apply changes to your flight, you will require e-ticket to do this, enter the number in the appropriate box. Mostly website will ask you to click on the flight and then change the flight.

Press on the flight you want to re-book and apply changes. Many airlines ask a fee for flight change and re-booking, keep that in consideration.

In case you have booked a flight via the third party, you can call your travel agent and ask to change, maybe he will make changes without any fee charge.

Still, if you are finding any difficulty, call the airline customer care service or contact them via email to get your problem solved or ask help on the online help desk center. Have a happy journey.