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How do I contact American Airlines at Miami International Airport?

Miami Airport is the major metropolitan area airport of Miami. Numerous airlines take off and land at this airport. American Airlines is one of them. You can call American Airlines from Miami airport when you need their assistance in the following steps:

  • Search for the website of Miami International Airport,
  • Click on the Contact Us option.
  • Look for the  American Airlines Miami Airport phone number in the contact section. 
  • Call them at 1-800-TALK-MIA lines (800-825-5642) to talk with their agents.
  • The IVR phone process will follow.
  • Go with the instructions. 
  • Once you follow the sequence of instructions accurately, you will get to speak to them.
  •  You can ask them to connect your call to an American Airlines representative.

What terminal is American at Miami Airport?

American Airlines use the North Terminal and concourse D at the Miami International airport. The address of the airlines at MIA is Admirals Club, MIA D-30, North Terminal, Concourse D. It is located after the security at Gate D30 daily from 5:30 am to 11 pm. Services like complimentary WiFi, a shower, and a full-service bar are available. The conference room is also available.

American Airlines is also available at Miami airport American Airlines terminal Admirals Club, MIA D-15, North Terminal, Concourse D after the security on the third floor above gate D15. There is no conference room available. Other services available are WiFi, a bar, and a shower room.

What time does American Airlines open at Miami International Airport?

The American airlines at Miami International Airport begin its services at 5:30 am. The operating time of  American Airlines Miami terminal ends at 10:30 pm every day. American Airlines carry-out flights during these hours.

Where is the American Airlines lost and found in Miami airport?

During certain events, you might lose your item at Miami airport. Do not hesitate to address it to the authorities. The American Airlines Miami airport lost and found is situated in North Terminal D at level 4. The department gives its services all days of the week. The timings of the lost and found department are 8 am to 6 pm. Miami international airport lost and found department does not charge any fee to file a complaint.

Where is the American Airlines baggage claim in Miami?

American Airlines baggage claim in Miami International airport is present on level 1. For the baggage claim, you can also contact Miami at 786-591-3500. A representative will assist you with the baggage claim as dial this number to get them. To move between American terminal Miami, you can use the walkways.

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